You know what gets me about Peeta.


Is that he didn’t know that the berries were poisonous and he still didn’t eat them.

This is a child who is starving and he has this huge pile of berries. Most people probably would have eaten some while they were picking them. But Peeta didn’t.

And I think it’s because he was refusing to eat something before Katniss did. He wanted to make sure she ate first. 

Everlark. Honestly. 

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"Jill is in trouble. I think that, like a lot of high schoolers, she feels a particular pressure, and it influences her in a way that makes her act out. But not only is she dealing with the high school all teenagers have to deal with, she’s also in this particularly depressing world where everyone has lost someone. My mom’s not home, and my dad’s struggling with all sorts of chaos in the town as the chief of police, and Jill is shy and introverted—but also she’s very angry and brave."

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I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever. (requested by kxthniss)

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"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" NEW Sneak Peak!

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not all monsters do m o n s t r o u s things. like who? like S C O T T.

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I look into those blue eyes that no amount of dramatic makeup can make truly deadly and remember how, just a year ago, I was prepared to kill him. Convinced he was trying to kill me. Now everything is reversed. I’m determined to keep him alive, knowing the cost will be my own life, but the part of me that is not so brave as I could wish is glad that it’s Peeta, not Haymitch, beside me. Our hands find each other without further discussion. Of course we will go into this as one.
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